The CIIC conferences

The CIIC envisions that its research centre will become a hub of great scholarship and research into Muslim Heritage and its applications, within the interconnected world of today. The research centre will act as a focal point and meeting place for scholars, intellectuals and institutions that deal with studies and research on various aspects of Islamic civilization and issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims, in both Quebec and Canada. 

Through this research centre, The Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization offers to visitors a series of monthly conferences presented by researchers and intellectuals from various backgrounds. These scholarly gatherings will be held in the conference rooms of the Institute and will be free and open to the public.

The objective of the conferences 

* Promote and make known the spiritual, cultural and intellectual legacy of Islam.

* Correct the negative stereotypes of Islam in the West.

* Promote education and dialogue.

* Address issues of diversity and challenges of the presence of Muslims in Quebec and Canada. 

* Deepen research on Muslim identity in our society.

* Provide readers and visitors the opportunity to participate in community life through contributions to the      dialogue on social issues.