The CIIC will house a museum of Islamic culture and civilization and a gallery of Islamic art. This Museum will be a distinctive place for the whole community. It will Outline the contributions of Islam in the human history and emphasize the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Muslim world. It would be a real opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to discover this beautiful and rich culture.

In addition to that, the CIIC library will provide access to books, catalogues, albums and other reference works related to the history of Muslim nations, art, science and culture. 

About the CIIC


The CIIC is one of North America’s first and finest Islamic Heritage projects. Strategically located in the heart of downtown Montreal, the CIIC will house the museum of Islamic civilisation, gallery of Islamic art, a vibrant Islamic library and an institute of Islamic studies and research.


The CIIC is a key milestone towards establishing a special relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims based on tolerance, and mutual respect, through highlighting common values, and identifying avenues of cooperation. Thanks to its location and facilities, the CIIC is a perfect fit to host events engaging scholars, intellectuals and artists, and addressing issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims in Canada.


Our vision is to celebrate the rich and diverse Muslim heritage. And to inspire all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in shaping a cohesive society.  

The CIIC will be a centre for all communities _Muslims and non-Muslims. The CIIC will focus on nurturing knowledge and understanding of Muslim heritage, history, people, arts and contributions to human civilization. The CIIC will strive to provide a welcoming environment for all communities and work in partnership with other organisations for the common good.